What a fantastic salad it was! Everything was so elegant. I’ve never tasted such delicious salads any before. We ate way more than we should have but we just couldn’t help ourselves.

Aside from the delicious meal, Thank you so much for the arrangement. I already left an honest review on Zomato.


-Subash Sahni

Just tried grilled veggies for the first time — delicious.  It is getting harder and harder to order — I have so many favorites.​ Thanks!

-Dr. Daniella

Seema mam,
U r superb.
I received my order on time.
U saved my lot of time. The packets were individually packed with names written on them.
Thank you so very much.

Will send tomorrow’s order soon as possible so that u can deliver by 12:15-12:30

-Harpreet (FORD INDIA PVT. LTD., email received from a happy customer)

Rawleaf is a healthy food brand and recently, I enjoyed tasting their salads, wraps, cold pressed juices and smoothies. Their products are highly nutritious, healthy & fresh. Having reviewed most of the healthy meals, juices & smoothies in Delhi NCR, I definitely would like to rate Rawleaf among Top-2 healthy food brands in Delhi NCR. Rawleaf’s wraps are undoubtedly ‘the best’ in the healthy food segment in Delhi NCR and by all means ‘best’ in India. I would love to see Rawleaf retail outlets in our shopping malls and PVRs. Would also like to see Rawleaf enhance their radius of operations and reach out to people like me, across entire Delhi NCR. The USP of Rawleaf lies in the freshness of their foods & beverages. Awesome food products and a big emerging healthy food brand in India 🙂

-Rajesh Bakhshi, amongst the Top 3 reviewers on Zomato, shared on the Rawleaf’s Google listing –

Rawleaf is the way to be. The most innovative and the most creative products in town. Healthiest and freshest of the salads as organic as can be. The cold pressed juices especially the Trim and the Zest also the Fuel are so invigorating and rejuvenating, cant be expressed in simple words. Introduction of new products after every few months is commendable. Each and every product is a masterpiece. I wish them all the very best. Maintaining the standards is the key. Keep Rocking.


The fresh salads and juices are simply amazing. I enjoy a variety of salads, delivered promptly at my door step.

-Taruni Soin Date

Hi! Fab website. Pls ignore my whatsapp order. I have ordered online. Much simpler!

-Hema Govindan – 8th August, whatsapp extract

Hi Simarjit!

The salads were excellent, thought you may like the feedback.

-Nidhi Lauria (Vodafone -12th Oct, 2015, whatsapp extract)

I’ve let it go too long, but I want to thank you for the delicious baby carrots that came with my last salad order. What a great addition to your product line!

Again, Thank you, and congratulations on the amazing growth your company has had, without sacrificing quality or service.

-Elaine Saxe

Your juices are good, zillion times better than the processed ones available in the market. The best thing about them is that every time there is a different color and taste which proves that they are fresh and natural and not loaded with chemicals and preservatives.

-Samrat Yadav (extracted from a whatsapp exchange with him on 20th Sept 2015)

Great Italian Chiken Salad – was very good!

Grilled Chicken Wrap – was delicious

-Shivika (31st Oct – whatsapp exchange)

Thank you for the amazing salad. I had mentioned in the special instructions to put extra chicken in my salad in lieu of bread. The point was duly noted and I was very happy at the overall taste and quantity of my order.

Again, a heartfelt thank you! 🙂 Cheers!

Warm regards,

-Harsh Vardhan Singh (Manager, Process Quality & Excellence – Email exchange) 9th December, 2015

On the Newly launched -Garden Tofu Salad – “This salad was super delish!!”

-Nitish Nair (Starwood Hotels and Resorts) 11th Jan, 2016

Thankyou so much for the beautiful carrots I have roasted them up with some Z’attar and will add to my yummy Med. quinoa salad for lunch.

You should put these on the menu I would buy them for sure!


Kind regards,


You guys are doing some great work! Consider me a partner in spreading the word! Cheers!

Love You Rawleaf!

-Manasvee Mezz

Nothing like RawLeaf. I love their salads and they deliver to Delhi and Gurgaon. They have an amazing range of salads.

-Anita Kaul(Director, Smartanalyst Pvt)

The Mid Eastern Chicken was terrific — glad it is now a menu item. Yummy dressing.

-Dr. Daniella S.,Tatvam Villas, Gurgaon

I LOVE the new site. Best customer site I have used in India!!!

-Michelle Kalsi

I love your food and the beautiful way it is packed for delivery (ingenious). If you don’t get an order from me for a while, it is because I am travelling, not because I don’t miss your food

-Dr. Daniella S.,Tatvam Villas, Gurgaon

Love the freshness of the salads. Amazing flavors and variety. Thanks to you guys healthy eating is back.

-Vijaya Nagpal Malhotra